Beaver Nation’s path
for safety and success

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As we prepare to welcome students, faculty and staff back to Oregon State campuses and locations across the state, we have developed a comprehensive plan (PDF) to gradually resume on-site teaching, research and service activities in a flexible manner that strives to limit the spread of COVID-19 and contribute to a healthy campus. We have made changes so that all members of Beaver Nation can be successful this fall. Our operations will look and feel a bit different, including in-person, remote and online class formats. But together we can build a safer and healthy on-campus experience, allowing students to keep making progress toward their academic and personal goals.


The university works with local communities and public health systems to respond to the risk and spread of COVID-19 at all of its locations throughout Oregon. See the response levels below and a guide to operation details and risk levels (PDF). Watch an overview of the condition levels tool.

Corvallis and OSU-Cascades campuses
are currently at level 2

OSU’s onsite operations at a given location vary depending on condition level

Level 1

  • Reliable treatment and/or vaccine.

Level 2

  • COVID-19 in area.
  • Protective measures effective.
  • Available response capacity.

Level 3

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  • Protective measures stressed.
  • Response systems at capacity.


  • Uncontrolled outbreak in area.
  • Response systems overwhelmed.
  • Governor at-home order in place.

Operational Conditions

  • New-normal environments.

Operational Conditions

  • Mix of in-person, remote and online instruction.
  • Low-density environments.
  • Public health measures in place.

Operational Conditions

  • Limited in-person instruction.
  • Small groups only with approval.
  • Further reduced density.

Operational Conditions

  • No on-site non-essential activity.
  • Remote instruction only.
  • OSU buildings closed.

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  • Students may have a mix of remote and in-person instruction; when searching the schedule of classes, the “meeting info” for each section will either show a room location or remote learning. As OSU’s Resumption Plan details, circumstances may require students to have all or mostly remote courses, regardless of the course's designation in the schedule.
  • Face coverings are required in common indoor spaces and areas outside where social distancing isn’t possible, unless an exception is met.
  • Oregon State researchers are leading a number of efforts to better understand the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, including the prevalence study TRACE COVID-19.
  • All in-person instruction will end at Thanksgiving break for Corvallis students, and finals will be conducted remotely.
  • Corvallis campus move-in is planned to occur over several days, and students will be assigned a date and time to move in to their residence hall to reduce density and allow for physical distancing.
  • 小火箭收费节点网站 will be available to students suspected to have COVID-19.
  • Plans are in place for quarantine and academic and personal support for students if they become ill. Rooms will be set aside in residence halls for isolation if needed.
  • Dixon Recreation Center is 免费ssr节点2022 to comply with current public health guidelines; face coverings are required.
  • The Valley Library is expected to reopen in September with modifications. Many library services are also being offered digitally.
  • Oregon State Athletics is planning for conference-only play this football season in accordance with the Pac-12 Conference's decision for all member schools.


Oregon State plans to use a combination of in-person, remote and Ecampus online instruction for fall term. As currently planned, many students will have some in-person classes, unless they choose a fully remote/online schedule. Classes with 50 students or more will be taught remotely with minor exceptions and and all in-person classes will be taught in large rooms or broken into smaller sections to ensure students and instructors have space for physical distancing. How labs are offered will depend on several factors, and many will be remote. Some labs may be offered online, while others may be in person. Labs that cannot be taught with physical distancing will be remote.

The remote class format will be similar to spring term, applying lessons learned to help improve the student experience. Classrooms are being made Zoom-ready. All in-person instruction will end at Thanksgiving break for Corvallis students, and finals will be conducted remotely.

keep physical distancing in the classroom

Safety measures are key to our personal and community success

We all play a role in contributing to a safer Beaver Nation. Face coverings are now required in common indoor spaces and areas outside where social distancing isn’t possible. Physical spaces are being reconfigured to give students, faculty and staff more room to branch out and maintain social distancing. Cleaning stations will be available in classroom buildings so students can wipe down their spaces upon entry. Classrooms will be deep cleaned each evening.

Smaller class sizes, reduced room capacities, new signage and directional arrows will help minimize close contact in classrooms, lecture halls, labs, residence halls, dining centers, coffee shops, the Memorial Union, the Valley Library, Dixon Recreation Center and other common areas. Please, take care of yourself and help all of us by doing your part to maintain the health of our community.

Keeping our community healthy

Oregon State University is taking a comprehensive approach informed by science, public health guidance and community needs to reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19. This plan includes testing, contact tracing, isolation and quarantine protocols as well as personal and community care.



Prevalence testing, increased cleaning and public health measures such as frequent hand-washing, physical distancing and face coverings. More Prevention Information.



Diagnostic testing for every student and staff member suspected to have COVID-19. More Testing Information.



Virus transmission identification within a community through contact tracing. More Tracing Information.



Self-isolation for employees and students with symptoms. More Isolation Information.



Self-quarantine for employees and students in close contact with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases for 14 days. More Containment Information.



Medical services, access to food, support in academic progress and other care for affected students. More Care Information.